Sixth Annual Shannon Heil Memorial


Thank you to Gary Minissian / Ocean State Multisport our race director for developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan and working with our state government to restore road races in our state. Our top priority is to keep everyone healthy, have a great a time ~ all we ask is we all respect the guidelines. 


How the race will look:


Registrations will be capped at 250 runners (unless the Governor adjusts this number between now and August)


1- There will be no mass start. There will be an open start time from 7am until 9am . So , when you show up to the race just come to the starting line and go. Race will be chipped timed. By having an open start time it eliminates crowds


2- There will be NO race day registrations. You will have to sign up online. By having no race day registrations, it will eliminate crowds



We will have 2 packet pick up days prior to the race in an open air location. (Example, Packet pick up will be at a specific location, let's say a parking lot. Runners will pull into the parking lot, drive up to the table and receive their packet.Those of you that can't make it to packet pick up, there will be a $6.00 fee to mail your packet to you. On the registration page, there will be an option to mail your packet. There will be no packets on race day. So if you know that you can't make it to packet pick up, you must select that option. This process will also eliminate crowds.


4- As of right now, we will cap the event at 250 runners. We will be submitting in a safety plan with the State. If the plan gets approved, the cap number will go up.


5- Porta Potties. We are working on this. As of right now we might only have Porta Potties on the course. By having them at the start/finish would be difficult, because we would need multiple people cleaning them after each use. 


6- Water stops. This is another thing we are working on. We are going to ask the health Department for insight on this one.. We were thinking either the runner would bring their own, or we would have unmanned stops and the runners can pour their own. 


7- Wearing a mask. Masks are not mandatory if you can practice the 6 feet social distancing rule. We ask that you carry a mask with you, so in case you are passing other runners. You can simply put the mask on until you have safely passed the runners.


8- Ceremony after the race. There will be no post race ceremony. All runners will receive a medal. So once you cross the finish line, you will be handed your medal and a water. At this point you are free to leave or if you are waiting for someone to finish, we just ask that you do so away from the finish line and practice the social distancing.


I’m sure things will change in the coming days, we will keep you informed as best we can, please be patient.